The time that you are engaged is an important time in a couples life, its purpose is to fall to deeper in love with the person you are to spend the rest of your life and to plan your wedding day.

Unfortunately, many couples miss out on experiencing the fullness of this season of betrothal and preparation for life together as husband and wife. The planning of a wedding can be hectic and stressful, especially in the busyness of today’s society with people working longer and more hours at work. There are many things that need to be planned for before the day, on the day and for after the day, budgets to be formed and then time taken to source all the various people needed to see the vision of the day come to fruition. This additional stress and time taken to do these tasks takes time away from what is truly important throughout the engagement process, you falling deeper in love.

The selection of music and the use of an appropriate ensemble to play that music is an important consideration when planning your wedding. It has the ability to create enhance the emotions of joy and happiness, give that special romantic edge and provide memories that will last a life time. As each couple getting married is unique so should the music that accompanies the wedding, the music should be a reflection of the love you have for each other. The use of experienced professional musicians is vital to ensure that this atmosphere is created and that music is used effectively to enhance the overall day. The sourcing of different ensembles can be one of the most time consuming tasks, if there is more than one being used – say for the ceremony versus the reception – this amount of time increases significantly. After having organised the ensembles there are other meetings and more time needed including; the payment of separate groups, the organising of PA and staging if necessary for bands, lighting needs, setup times and the liaising with venue co-ordinators.

The Wedding Music Planner specialises in the organisation of music and entertainment for engagement parties, wedding ceremonies and receptions, private functions and business / corporate events in Perth, Western Australia. Our aim is to make your wedding day memorable by providing the perfect music to compliment your special day and take some of the stress out of organising what is a crucial part of your wedding day, the music.

Over the past ten years we have established many contacts and can provide the ideal entertainer for your occasion. We have a variety of different entertainers across many genres available for either your ceremony, reception or both, whatever is needed big or small we can cater for.

Examples of past requests for engagement parties, wedding ceremonies and receptions have included:

The use of multi media and audio visual can enhance the overall atmosphere in a room and help create that memorable moment.     We have the ability to provide every production need as well whether to assist the live entertainment or just for that  something extra special.

Services we can provide include:

  • Sound / PA systems
  • Staging
  • Lighting
  • Visual (computers, screens and projectors)

For more information on how we can make your wedding day memorable please contact us, we’ll look forward to helping you plan your ideal day with professionalism, sensitivity and creativity.

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