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The selection of the appropriate music for your reception is a crucial part in the overall success of the evening. The right selection of band, DJ or combination of both can add that special touch to your first meal as husband and wife and a memorable experience for all.

We have the capacity to provide the right music to create the atmosphere you desire for your reception from DJs to live music, Jazz to Rock, Traditional to Modern and Contemporary. Using professional musicians with years of industry experience we are passionate to provide quality music and entertainment.

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Jazz Ensembles

The use of live jazz at your reception can provide the perfect atmosphere for your reception from cocktails and canapes at the beginning of the night, to background atmopsphere music during dinner as well as for getting the dance floor moving later in the evening.
A small jazz ensemble, instrumental duet or trio (either vocal or instrumental) can give the beginning of your reception a touch of class and sophistication as you and your guests enjoy canapes and cocktails.
Jazz can also be the perfect accompaniment to you and your guests enjoying your meals. Enjoy the songs made famous by the likes of Sinatra, Dean Martin, Chet Baker, Ellington, Basie that have now been made popular again by the likes of Michael Buble whilst you sip at a glass of champagne, share stories of things in the past and dine on good food.
Have the dance floor come alive with dance music provided by one of our larger jazz ensembles. Enjoy and dance with your family and friends to the sounds of our Michael Buble style quintet playing all the songs he has brought back into popularity. For a truly memorable and unique experience we have have available for hire a full 18 piece big band playing a variety of tunes known and loved by all. From quartets to big bands, instrumentalist to vocalists we have musicians eager to be a part of your reception celebrations.

Rock and Pop Cover Bands, Traditional.

Drawing on the local music scene we have available various acts that perform regularly not only at wedding but also at various private functions, pubs and clubs. These bands have a set repertoire, some of them including older wedding classic rock songs, others focus on the more current trends in the music scene at the moment (top 40 radio songs).
We also have a number of bands who play in their repertoire traditional songs to cater to the needs of different families, some of these include Irish, Italian and Greek, please contact us for more details.
It is a necessity that a PA (sound system) is hired for these bands, these costs are additional to the band hiring fees.

DJs and MCs.

A DJ can either create the perfect atmosphere or totally destroy the night through the song selection. We have available DJs, some with over 20 years experience entertaining people at weddings, engagement parties, birthday parties and large corporate events and offer them to you at a competitive price compared to the larger companies.
They pride themselves on not just playing a set song list but catering the selection to suit the age demographic and overall atmosphere of the room. This helps create that celebratory and joyous time every person wants on the dance floor.
Some of our DJs are also professional musicians who can provide acoustic guitar or piano sets during dinner to provide that extra touch of class for you and your guests.

Technical Production Solutions

One area that is often overlooked when preparing and planning your entertainment at your reception is the equipment needed to make everything happen. Bands need Sound systems, sometimes staging and lighting is required, if the event is outside things like having electricity, and then enough of it all can be problematic and cause undue and unnecessary stress.
The use of lighting and visual including DVD and power point presentations can help create that ideal atmosphere.

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