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The use of music at your wedding ceremony can assist in creating the perfect atmosphere for your wedding day. The music chosen should be a reflection of the unique relationship and love shared between the bride and the groom as they begin the start of their journey as husband and wife.

The selection of appropriate music, especially for religious ceremonies, as well as well trained musicians is of vital importance to ensure that your ceremony and the music lives in your memory, and the memories of your guests, for all the right reasons.

We have available musicians and vocalists in various ensembles who desire to make your wedding ceremony one of excellence and memorable, for all the right reasons. Also available on request are sample lists of suitable / appropriate songs for wedding ceremonies.

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Instrumental Ensembles / Soloists

The use of instrumental ensembles whether a soloist or small group can provide the perfect intimate setting to your wedding ceremony.

We have available for booking many solo instrumentalists who, with an accompanist, can provide that little extra bit of sophistication. Common solo instruments include:

  • Violin
  • Flute
  • Trumpet
  • Oboe
  • Cello

A trio or quartet of instruments is another popular choice for people to use at their wedding ceremonies. Enjoy walking in to the sounds of a classical mixed instrumental trio or a string trio or quartet. Many of these ensembles of a vast repertoire including some versions of modern popular tunes by the likes of U2, Van Morrison and many others, upon request and for an additional fee songs outside of the standard repertoire can at times also be available to offer that more personal touch.

Vocal Ensembles

The essence and beauty of some songs can not be captured with out hearing the simplicity of the words. We have available both solo vocalists with years of wedding experience and various vocal ensembles of varying sizes from quartets through to full choirs to meet your every musical need. The use of a choir for a religious wedding ceremony can provide the perfect expression of the celebration a wedding ceremony should signify.

Modern and Contemporary Bands

For those who are interested in having music but would rather have a more “modern” flavor to their ceremony we have available the hiring of a contemporary band. This band can play a selection of more modern and contemporary music both secular, upon approval from the celebrant if a religious ceremony, or modern spiritual / hymns. The configuration is variable to cater to the needs of the ceremony, basic configuration would include drums, bass, guitar, piano and two vocalists. Solo instrumentalists including violin, flute, saxophone and trumpet are available upon request. It is important to note that the hiring of a PA (sound system) for this option is necessary and charges for this are additional to band booking rates.

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