Below we have included some of the comments from past people who have used the Wedding Music Planner to provide music at either their ceremony, reception or a combination of both.

“Dear Simon,

Thank you so much for sharing our BIG day with us. Your band was fantastic!!! They gave our wedding reception such a happy and relaxed atmosphere and got lots of people up dancing. The lead singer was great!!! You guys have real talent and creativity. The volume of the music was just right too. It was perfect.”

Mark and Mandy Marotta

19th December 2009

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“Dear Simon,

Dave and I wanted to take the opportunity to write and thank  you so much for all the time and effort you put into organising  and creating the perfect entertainment for the reception at our  Wedding, 19th December 2009.

It was fantastic that we could just get you to take over and  organise the entertainment for the night as we were both busy  people; studying Part-Time and working Full-Time! Dave and  I were unsure about the type of entertainment we’d like to have  at our reception and were struggling to find someone who could  help us with this. We had looked at various  company’s websites online and it was just lucky and by chance  that we met you at one of my brother’s barbeques. You had a  whole array of options and choices open to us; from DJ-ing to 3  piece bands. We met with you and after discussing the music we liked, you knew you had the perfect DJ for us! All the guests enjoyed the music, a real party atmosphere was created and everyone danced. For us, it was nice knowing that we could just relax and hand it all over to somone qualified and experienced.

Dave and I will definitely be recommending you to our friends and family!”

David and Sinead Tones

19th December 2009

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“What can I say, the best day of our lives. It was so magical. I am now married to the love of my life. The music was SO AMAZING.

The classical trio – brilliant. The DJ – well he made the party.

Please please please pass on our thanks and approval. He was the best of the best.

Thanks a million mate – you excelled yourself.”

Paul Graham and Rebecca Guile

2nd January 2010

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Dear Simon,

“I waited until we had a rotary meeting so I could talk about your email with some of the other guests. All in all everyone was very impressed, the short segments were perfect and the songs were great – yes, dancing at the end was a bit of a hit and nice way to finish. I had some extra cards so gave them out to members that didnt attend. Again, that you for what you provided and for coming on board at the last minute.”

Carolyn Carle

Heirisson Chapter of the Rotary Club Annual Dinner

26th June 2010

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Dear Simon,

The boys were fantastic.  Thanks so much for your efforts in organising the jazz duo, especially in such a short period of time and at such an affordable cost.

Dr Jenni Ahmat

Managing Director Stocktech Australia

Australian Open Gardens – 24th October 2010

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