December 2012 Special Offer – Additional Planning Meeting on all Packages Where the Total is Greater Than $1600

Summer is here and with it comes Christmas, family commitments, work functions and the end of year, all of which can add additional unnecessary time constrains when you are already busy with preparing to get married.

We at the Wedding Music Planner welcome back Summer with the December special offer  designed to help you get more time for the other commitments in your life, and who knows, maybe even the chance to get to the beach to work on that tan!

Receive an additional meeting to plan and organise your wedding music with one of the Wedding Music Planner team when you book your wedding music needs with the Wedding Music Planner before the 31st of December and the total being $1600 or greater.

This exclusive deal is available to all our facebook fans, e-newsletter subscribers or referrals through either e-bridal or online bride.

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