May 2011 Special Offer – Wedding Ceremony and Reception Music Packages

The process of finding and organising the perfect wedding music across an entire wedding day can be very involved, stressful and time consuming. Details that need to be considered include budgets, finding reputable musicians, selecting appropriate songs (especially at a religious ceremony), selecting the important memorable songs for the important reception moments and then liaising with all involved (including venues and their restrictions) to ensure it all comes together. The Wedding Music Planner’s May special is aimed at streamlining tis entire process and allowing you and your fiance to plan other aspects of your day in full confidence that things will be planned, organised and communicated to fulfil the vision you have for music across every aspect of your wedding day.

All bookings made as a package to provide both the ceremony musicians and the reception entertainment where the total booking entertainment costs exceed $1500 will receive two additional preparation meetings on the standard management package.

These additional preparation meetings will help in ensuring every detail of the wedding reception is carefully planned out and all factors accounted for to help provide a stress and problem free wedding reception.

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