When Making A Speech Isn’t Enough – The Best Man

Your groom has picked the perfect best man right? OK so you’re not convinced but it can be hard to feel comfortable when your groom is in the (not so) capable hands of someone else. But what exactly does a best man do? Does he simply stand next to the groom at the altar and get him drunk the night before? Or does he actually have duties and a role to perform? Well we thought that we might help you out by giving you a best man guide that you can pass on to your grooms best man and show him exactly what his role is in your wedding. Read on and find out what duties he has to perform and get him doing them today!

It’s strange how when men are told they are going to be best men, their attitudes suddenly change. They realize that this is a big role and one that is a lot of responsibility. They start to go into overdrive and before you know it they are re planning the whole wedding for you! OK maybe not but they certainly do pour their heart and souls into the stag parties! Which is just as well because this is their first duty as best man. The stag do is a really important event which marks the “last night of freedom” for most men. Stag parties or bucks parties only ever used to be the night before the wedding and you used to have a few too many drinks to celebrate freedom. Now however people are more inclined to go abroad or have a stag/bucks weekend. This will be entirely up to your best man so you will have to have a huge amount of faith for this one.

The second job they have to do is to help the groom organize his and the ushers outfits. Your theme might have them in traditional suits, casual suits or even fancy dress but make sure that both the groom and the best man know what you want in the way of outfits. The best man is in charge of keeping all the ushers well organized and looking after the groom, this is his first chance to show how responsible he actually is. This organization should extend to the actual wedding day and the best man should make sure that everyone is at the ceremony on time and that no one is lagging behind or looking scruffy.

Your best man should also be in charge of the wedding rings when he is at the ceremony. This is a big responsibility so he should be prepared for this and more! When he has done his duties in the ceremony then he moves onto his next job which is his speech. This speech should contain thank yous to people who have helped through the wedding and apologies from the people who couldn’t make it. The speech should be witty but not smutty and should have a few anecdotal stories about the groom!

The best man’s final jobs are to give out the thank you presents that have been purchased for the bridesmaids, the ushers and any other member of the wedding party that helped out. These gifts should have been bought by the groom and given out when the best man is saying his speech. He should also dance with the maid of honor and then his duties are finished! So if you think that your best man can handle all this responsibility then go ahead and make his day by giving him all of his duties and the role he plays at your wedding.

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