Congratulations on your recent engagement. Your Wedding day is one of the days in your life to remembered and cherished, a point in time that  recognises your love for each other, one of the most important days in your life. A successful wedding takes many hours of preparation,  organisation and planning, a lot of investment is made into ensuring that everything is perfect for that once in a life time moment. A lot of trust  is placed in other people, some who you know and some that you do not, to create the perfect atmosphere by providing a service up to or  exceeding your level of expectation.

Your Wedding day is a celebration of the love that you have for each other, witnessed by your family and friends who have shared in your individual and combined life’s journey so far. It is an occasion filled with joy and happiness as well as romance, every element being a reminder of the way you express your love for each other, this being unique to every person and couple. Your selection of music for your ceremony and reception has the ability to enhance these emotions and create the perfect atmosphere for your special day. Just every song from the bridal entrance at your ceremony to your first dance as husband and wife to your farewells at your reception can help enhance and create a memorable occasion, the selection of an appropriate ensemble using professional and experienced musicians can also add that special something to make your day remembered for a long time.

We hope our website inspires and encourages you to dream that perfect day  and gives you the ability to be successful in achieving it. We have included examples of venues, photographs and photographers, sample lists of what needs to be done and deadlines, ideas for decorations and food as well as sample music lists and a variety of entertainment options to try and take some of the stress out of organising your wedding day.

If you are getting married and you’d like some more help we’d love for you to get in contact with us, whether to help you prepare the music side of your wedding or for any other wedding need.

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