Aaron Batten and Crystal Lim – 11th November 2011

by The Wedding Music Planner

Aaron Batten contacted Simon Montgomery and The Wedding Music Planner in March 2011 with a request into hiring equipment for his upcoming wedding ceremony and reception for Friday the 11th of November 2011.

Aaron and his fiance, Crystal, were celebrating their wedding down in the south-west corner of Western Australia in Dunsborough with family and friends and wanted to hire a PA system that would be powerful enough to cater for 150 guests in an outdoor setting, be able to be easily assembled, have the ability to have an ipod connected to it for the playing of music and have two wireless handheld microphones. They were planning on being away for entire week and wanted to have the system for that whole time.

Simon and The Wedding Music Planner team had the ideal PA system available for Aaron and Crystal to be able to hire at a very affordable price and organised the system to be collected on Monday the 7th of November with it being due back the following Monday or Tuesday. To ensure that there would be no complication with setting up the system Simon Montgomery asked Aaron and Crystal to set aside half an hour when they were picking up the system to have the setup demonstrated to them.

The wedding was a huge success with Aaron and Crystal being very happy with the equipment provided by The Wedding Music Planner. The gear was so successful in performing the required task that the bridal party set it up the evening after the wedding and reused it to provide a lively and fun atmosphere as they continued to enjoy each other’s company over the weekend.

A big congratulations to Aaron and Crystal on their wedding and thank you from all of The Wedding Music Planner team for being able to help you make your wedding day a memorable one.

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