Adam Davini and Alysia Verdonk 17th September 2011

On Saturday the 17th of September 2011 Adam Davini married Alysia Verdonk celebrating their wedding reception in the evening at the Joondalup Resort in the Lakeview Terrace Function room with family and friends.

The team at the Wedding Music Planner had been approached with an enquiry into hiring a disc-jockey for the evening who would be able to play a wide range of music for the guests and get them dancing throughout the entire evening. After our initial conversations Domenic Zurzolo an experienced professional musician and Disc-Jockey was booked as the Disc-Jockey for the evening.

The Wedding Music Planner

Simon Montgomery

Simon Montgomery from the Wedding Music Planner liaised with Adam and Alysia over the months leading up to the wedding day via emails and a meeting at Adam’s house to ensure that every detail of the wedding reception entertainment would be planned for an covered. Prior to meeting with Alysia and Adam, Simon sent a document outlining all of these aspects as well as other information that he’d find helpful in ensuring that everything on the evening would run smoothly including a floor plan for the DJ, a basic time sheet for the evening, the suggested requirements for providing food and beverage to the entertainment as well as some examples of where music could typically be used as a part of a reception to enhance the entire evening’s atmosphere.

The meeting, which took place 4 months prior to the wedding day, took place at Adam’s house on an evening that was convenient for both Adam and Alysia. Adam and Alysia had managed to prepare some of the information needed to get things organised for their reception  including the floor plan of the Lakeview Terrace and the contact person for the Joondalup Resort. They had also already started putting thought into the music selections and the sort of atmosphere they wanted to set at various points with them wanting Buble style background jazz music throughout the dinner part of the evening with more upbeat wedding favourite dance songs for the latter parts of the night. They hadn’t had a chance to think about the specific songs for the various important parts of the evening by this stage, Simon Montgomery reassured them that this could be done in their own time and passed on via email or phone call at a later time.

The planning continued for the next few months with liaising happening largely between the Wedding Music Planner team and the Joondalup resort to ensure every technical detail was covered prior to the wedding day. The Resort were extremely helpful and easy to work with and provided useful documentation on some of the requirements entertainers performing at their venue needed to uphold. These requirements included the need for the use of their PA system and speakers, in other words no external speakers could be used, this was due to the need to comply with specific noise restrictions that had been imposed by the council. There was also a great deal of assistance with information on setup and pack down times and the loading of gear plus a guarantee for a meeting time closer to the date to view the specific layout of the room and sound system.

Domenic Zurzolo

On the day of the wedding Domenic Zurzolo arrived out at the Joondalup Resort and met with the on duty event manager. Within half an hour he had everything organised, setup and the sound levels tested to ensure that the events manager was happy with the overall volume and that the quality of the sound would be excellent for the guests. Domenic had been provided by Simon Montgomery the audio versions of all the specific songs that Adam and Alysia had wanted for their wedding day. They had the three groomsmen and bridesmaids walk in to the chorus of the “Party Rockers Anthem” with Adam and Alysia making their entrance to the chours of U2’s “Beautiful Day”. Other songs used throughout the evening included the “Fremantle Dockers Theme Song” and “West Coast Eagles Theme Song” for the Fathers of the Bride and Groom respectively, the chorus of “Superwoman” by Alicia Keyes for the maid of honour and “I’m Too Sexy” for the best man before Adam had got up for his speech to the 80’s classic “Never Gunna Give You Up” by Rick Astley.

At the conclusion of the speeches Adam and Alysia cut the cake as the Buble song “Everything” played in the background before enjoying their first dance as husband and wife to the Glee version of “Faithfully”.  At the conclusion of this song the dance floor opened up for all the guests and Dom played wedding classics including “It’s Raining Men” and additional party lighting was also added by Domenic to give the dance floor even more atmosphere.

As the evening drew to a close Alysia threw her bouquet to all the women present at the wedding who were not already married. She had selected for this event the very appropriately named song by Beyonce “All the Single Ladies”.

At the conclusion of the night Adam and Alysia and all of their guests left having had a truly splendid and memorable evening. The song selections by Domenic Zurzolo throughout the evening had managed to keep the dance floor full of people and was such a hit that guests were talking about the fun they had dancing in days that followed.

Thanks to Adam and Alysia for giving the Wedding Music Planner team a chance to be a part of your special day in organising your wedding reception entertainment. We wish you every success and happiness for your life together as husband and wife.

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