Duties For Your Best Man On Your Wedding Day

Deciding who is going to be the best man to your groom can be a really hard decision for your groom and there could be several contenders. Sometimes his best friend is not always the most reliable person and this can mean that you end up with a best man who is more of a hindrance than a help. What are the main duties of a bets man and what can you expect them to do? We thought that we would give you this information so that you and your groom can judge who would be best to help you out with these duties. Read on and see if one of your grooms friends fit this criteria and can step up to the mark.

You don’t have to be the most organized person in the world to be a best man. In fact you don’t even have to be a little organized. But you do have to trust this person with things like keeping your groom alive on his stag, keeping hold of the expensive rings that you are going to be married with and generally doing as he’s asked! If your groom has chosen the friend he’s known since college that has spent the last 5 years sleeping on other peoples couches then maybe you should consider passing best man duties on to your maid of honor. There aren’t many roles as best man but they are important to the wedding (as are all the roles) so make sure that they understand what they have to do fully before they commit to actually doing the job!

The first role as best man is to organize the stag party. This can be weeks in advance of the wedding and try to push for that so that your groom doesn’t turn up drunk, hungover or have a limb missing. The best mans job is to make sure that he has a good time but is still looked after. He is also responsible for getting the groom to the ceremony on time and organizing the ushers. For this he will need to be at the church or venue extra early so that he can make sure everyone is prepared. The best man is in charge of the rings before the ceremony and because of this, should be with the groom at all times. This means supporting him, staying with him the night before the wedding and making sure that the groom is suited and booted correctly.

The other main duty of the best man is to say a speech. The speech is usually read out after the wedding breakfast (sit down meal at the reception) and is the first speech to be read out. This speech should not only congratulate the bride and groom on their wedding day but also thank the other people who have contributed and helped out at the wedding. It may be a good idea to get a book or some research for the best man when writing his speech so that the best man can write a really well thought out speech that contains everything that it needs to.

The final job of the best man is to dance with the maid of honor at the reception. Once the best man has done this then they are free to enjoy the evening and to have fun! So if you think that your grooms best man can manage all these tasks then fantastic! If not then you always have a backup in your maid of honor. Make sure that you and your best man are well prepared and have a wonderful day!

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