What to Remember When Booking A Wedding Venue

Have you recently decided to set a date for your wedding? Have you been proposed to and now want to get planning your perfect wedding? Well you are up for a stressful and tiring job ahead of you but one that will be worth it for the end result! In this article we are going to talk about what you should remember when you are organizing a wedding and what pit falls to steer clear of. We will discuss outfits,  venues and more so read on and see if we can help you organize your wedding a little more easily.

When it comes to choosing your wedding venue, there are several things that you have to take into consideration. The first thing to think about is whether you are going to be using the venue for a wedding or for just the reception. Venues have to have special licenses in order to marry you so if you want a ceremony venue as well as a reception venue than you will have to look out for their license. In either case, you will also have to take the capacity into consideration. If you are inviting 1000 people then you might have to look further afield than you wanted to because very few venues will accommodate this many people. If you only have a small amount of people attending the wedding then again you will want to know what their minimum amount of capacity they will take. If you are only inviting 30 people to your wedding and the room can accommodate 200 then it will feel uncomfortable and empty.

Once you have found several venues that you like then you should take a look at the facilities they have to offer. For example if you have several people who are wheelchair  bound or who are bringing small children then you will want to have a venue with ramps and disabled facilities. Sometimes people take this for granted so be sure to ask the question. You should also think about toilet facilities and childcare facilities that will keep all of your guest’s happy young and old. Childcare facilities such as a playground, highchairs and open spaces to play make all the difference between irritated cooped up kids and happy, tired ones!

The ceremony location can impact the success of your wedding dayYou should also ask the venue if they are able to do any catering or have a kitchen that your caterers could use. Many venues will have a package deal where they do the catering, decorating of the reception room and can even help do the flowers too which will really help you out on the organizing front (and possibly the cost element too). Some venues even have a wedding planner that will help you to sort out all the needs for your wedding and will give you a good idea of what you still have to do. With so many things going on, having someone to sort out all the organizational aspects of your venue.

One big thing to remember is the feeling you get when you walk around a venue and the prospect for some stunning photos. You should take a look around the scenery and the rooms in the venue to see where you can get all of your guests and still get a gorgeous background. Other questions to ask include how long you will have the venue for and whether they have rooms available for the wedding party. Make a list of questions before you look around so that you are certain that your venue is right for you. Enjoy looking around the different venues and hopefully you will find one that will simply take your breath away.

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