Expectation for the Groom on the Wedding Day

When your groom proposes to you (or it may have been the other way round), they don’t always have a huge amount of understanding as to what goes into planning a wedding. Sure they will go round the venues, taste the menu and agree to their outfits but the stress and the strain seems to pass them by. So how can you get your partner more involved in the wedding process and get them to share some of your stress that is getting a bit much! Well here we are going to go through what the grooms duties should be so that you can delegate the work and relax a bit. Read on and see what your groom could be doing right now.

The groom will usually take a backseat when it comes to organizing a wedding and every bride gets frustrated that they can’t be a little more excited about the color of the napkins or the heel height on their shoes. But there are a few things that you can get your groom to do so that you can have less of a strain and focus on other things. What exactly is the groom responsible for and what should they be doing to help you out? To start with they will be in charge of the wedding rings. You can help pick them out but ultimately the groom is to pay and collect the rings. He should then give them to the best man on the day of the wedding so that they don’t get lost!

The groom is also responsible for his own clothes and those of of the best man and ushers. Ideally they should all go to the tailors together and pick out suits that they all match. If you are unsure of your groom picking out his own clothes then simply give him very clear instructions so that he knows what you want him to wear. Don’t forget to remind him about the extras such as the shoes, the hats and the ties for each wedding party member. It is traditional for the groom to pay for the transport to and from the wedding venue but this is optional and if you are both paying for the wedding then this isn’t a problem. Just remember that you will need enough transport to get all the ushers, all the bridesmaids and of course a big bridal dress to the venue.

The groom should also plan the honeymoon. This part really is up to the groom so whether you want to go somewhere exotic or somewhere nearby, chances are you won’t know about it until after your wedding day. The final job that the groom has to do is to organize thank you presents for the bridesmaids and the ushers. These can be given out when he is saying his speech (optional) and are merely token gestures so they don’t have to be anything expensive.

Of course you don’t have to put your groom to work or you may have one that really wants to share your day with you and all the planning that goes with it. Just remember that if you want your groom to share the planning but he doesn’t seem that interested, don’t panic, just find someone else who is willing to help you out. Not all grooms understand what is so important about the small elements of a wedding so as long as he is included in the big decision then there is no harm. Fighting over your wedding day before your even married will only set a bad foundation so be calm, be understanding and have a fantastic wedding day.

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