I Love You, Now Which Venue?

From the minute you say, “I do,” a flurry of questions will abound. Where and when will the ceremony take place? Will it be an extravagant or intimate affair? Every couple must contend with these issues in their quest to find the perfect venue for their wedding day. As such, the wedding venue is an important piece of the planning puzzle. The ambiance sets the mood, and its characteristics serve as the backdrop for pictures that will capture this special moment.Few places offer the fanciful ambiance of Australia, which has become the quintessential wedding-day locale for many. Whether your ceremony will be traditionally formal or religious, casual, or nature-inspired, the following tips will help you choose a venue that meets your needs.

Confirm Your Guest List.

When sending out your invitations, you must be very clear about the deadline for your intended guest to RSVP. This will help you achieve the most accurate head count. Be sure to allow for plenty of time between your final RSVP date and the ceremony, as this may impact your ability to secure the venue of choice.

Save the Date.

Many venues have substantial waiting lists due to popularity. We recommend that you “Save the Date” as soon as possible to ensure that a particular venue will be available. Also, find out if the facility will refund the difference if the number in your party turns out to be less than anticipated. It is a statistical fact that many guests forgo the ceremony and only attend the reception.

Venue #2?

Will there be separate venues for the ceremony and reception? If not, you will want to make sure that your venue will not only accommodate your ceremony requirements, but also any musical entertainment and dining.

Visit Your Venue.

Your wedding day will be one of the most important events in your lifetime. For this reason, do not make your decision sight-unseen. During your walkthrough, take notes, as well as photographs whenever possible, to ensure that you have a reference regarding the details. This walkthrough should also include an examination of the restroom facilities, and considerations for handicap access if applicable.

Think Outside the Box.

Consider different types of venues. It is possible to have a religious ceremony in a venue other than the traditional church. Do not rule out venues such as community centers, upscale hotels, or botanical gardens. The first choice may not be the best or most affordable choice once compared with alternatives.

Review Your Contract.

After deciding on your venue, you should ALWAYS review the associated contract before signing. Many contracts will contain clauses that either increase pricing or omit items that are assumed to be included. Fully understanding your contract prior to the wedding date will help to avoid any unforeseen or unnecessary mishaps on your special day.

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