Kane Greenaway and Bec Bridges Wedding Reception – 31st December 2011

Kane Greenaway and Bec Bridge celebrated their wedding ceremony at the chapel of Christchurch Grammar School followed by their wedding reception at Claremont Yacht Club on the 31st of December 2011.

Kane contacted Simon and The Wedding Music Planner in September 2011 to enquire into costs for hiring a disc-jockey to look after the music at the wedding reception with the booking running from 7pm to 1am. With it being New Years Eve, they were aware that there could be problems finding a top quality disc-jockey at an affordable price.

Kane had previously been at a wedding reception where The Wedding Music Planner had provided the disc-jockey for the evening and was impressed with the level of professionalism and how the dance floor had been kept full for the entire evening. With this knowledge in mind he made contact with Simon Montgomery to see what sort of quote he could have.

Simon met with Kane and Bec to discuss their specific needs, they had a good idea of the sort of music that they wnated played throughout the evening and even asked if it would be possible for them to provide some playlist for the disc-jockey. With this request in mind Simon booked Michael Crisafio as the disc-jockey for the evening. Michael’s easy going and friendly nature as well as his vast experience in being a DJ at private functions and corporate events made him the ideal fit for Kane and Bec.

The preparation and planning continued in the lead up to the wedding day with Simon meeting with the event coordinator from the Claremont Yacht Club to run through the specific requirements for the evening. This information always proves to be invaluable to the entertainer and eliminates the chances of any unexpected surprises arising on the evening. Kane also asked if Michael would be happy to contact him prior to the day just to discuss further details and make sure that everything was alright with regards to specific song requests. Michael was more than happy to speak with and meet Kane and all the finer details of the evening were seen to weeks prior to the wedding day arriving.

The evening itself was very successful, Michael provided a great selection of music throughout the evening which was enjoyed by all of the guests. His ability to work with the client to deliver the exact atmosphere they had wanted was appreciated by Kane and Bec and all of their guests.

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