Rebecca Dugmore and Curtis Harmer Wedding Ceremony 21st January 2012

On Saturday the 21st of January 2012 Rebecca Dugmore married Curtis Harmer with a ceremony at Sandalford Winery in the Swan Valley, Western Australia.

Rebecca Dugmore contacted The Wedding Music Planner in mid September 2011 looking for music options for their ceremony and also the pre-reception canapes and drinks. Rebecca wanted an ensemble for the reception that had the versatility to play a mixture of classical / traditional style songs with some more modern tunes as well to compliment the musical tastes of both herself and Curtis.

A number of email correspondence occurred over the first days after the initial enquiry, the Wedding Music Planner team were really keen to try and find the exact right musicians for their wedding ceremony needs as well as deliver it inside of the desired budget that had been set. It was suggested that a good ceremony combination would be a violin, piano and female vocalist, Rebecca liked the sound of this combination which consisted of Stephanie Ryan, Joseph Pullella and Gavin Nicklette.

A large consideration that Rebecca had was the final cost, she was keen to have live music for both the ceremony and pre-reception drinks but needed it done at an affordable price. With these constraints in mind, The Wedding Music Planner team managed to deliver a combination package for the $1200 for two trios consisting of the ceremony trio and a jazz trio for the canapes and the inclusion of PA requirements for both groups at no extra charge. Rebecca was appreciative of the effort that had been gone to try and keep the entertainment affordable and booked both groups.

The wedding coordinator from Sandalford Wineries, Natacha Evans, was contacted by The Wedding Music Planner team to ensure that all the requirements from a production point of view would be manageable. These details included the access to power, the possibility of viewing the venue sites prior to the wedding day and the supply of some cover and chairs for the musicians throughout the ceremony. Natacha and the Sandalford staff were very helpful and prompt assisting in all the required needs.

Simon Montgomery from The Wedding Music Planner organised a planning meeting with Rebecca which was held on 15th December 2011 in Exomod Coffee in Mt Lawley, Western Australia. This meeting was held to help in the planning and preparation and to finalise some details including the song selections for the wedding ceremony. This meeting proved very beneficial to both Rebecca and Simon with song lists and song orders for ceremony starting to take shape, due to the size of the bridal party there was a suggestion made for the inclusion of a second song for the bridesmaids to enter to. Rebecca also indicated that her and Curtis had a song that they would really like to be a part of the ceremony, “Inning” by Nigel Kennedy to be performed instrumentally by Joseph on violin and Gavin on piano.

In the weeks leading up to the ceremony Rebecca and Simon continued to stay in frequent contact and covered all the details of the ceremony to ensure everything would run smoothly on the day. During this time the song list was finalised, this included the addition of the song “Nella Fantasia” for the bridesmaid’s entrance and “Kissing You” for the moment when Rebecca and Curtis had their first kiss as husband and wife. A number of songs were also prepared for immediately after the ceremony including “Don’t Know Why” – Norah Jones and “Eternal Flame” – The Bangles.

The wedding rehearsal was held on Saturday the 14th of January at 9:00am. This was attended by Simon Montgomery on behalf of The Wedding Music planner team to ensure that there was a good knowledge of every element and the order occurring throughout the day.

On the day of the wedding the ceremony trio arrived at 2:30pm to be prepared to commence playing prior to the start of the 3pm ceremony. Joseph Pullella on violin performed solo pieces including “Cello Suite No 1” – Bach and “Ave Maria” – Schubert from 2:55pm to set the an intimate ambience for this wedding ceremony.

At 3:15pm Rebecca arrived and the ceremony commenced with the bridesmaids entering to the song “Nella Fantasia” which was performed instrumentally ny Joseph Pullella and Gavin Nicklette. At the conclusion of this song there was a brief pause before the bridal entrance started, Rebecca entered to the sounds of “Cannon in D”  and looked stunning in her bridal gown.

After an introduction from Wendy, the celebrant, the couple enjoyed personalised readings the first describing what love is before the poem “The Owl and the Pussy Cat” by Edward Lear was recited as their second reading. The ceremony then moved into Rebecca and Curtis professing their love for each other and commitment for the rest of their lives with their self written vows to each other. At the conclusion of the exchanging of rings Curtis kissed his new wife for the first time to the sounds of Stephanie Ryan singing “Kissing You” made famous from the movie “Romeo and Juliette”.

As the couple signed the registry Joseph and Gavin started the song “Innig” a song by Nigel Kennedy that Rebecca and Curtis had dedicated to their grandparents.

As the ceremony came to a close the happy couple were presented to their gathered family friends and presented for the first time as husband and wife. The recessional song was “Love is in the Air”  made famous by the movie “Strictly Ballroom”.

As the guests continued to talk to one another and congratulate the bride and groom Stephanie and Gavin continued to provide music for the guests performig a version of “Eternal Flame” and “Don’t Know Why”.

Congratulations to Curtis and Rebecca on a beautiful wedding ceremony. The Wedding Music Planner team wishes you every success and a long and happy life together. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of your special day by providing wedding ceremony music for you.

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