Richard and Erin Devlin 17th October 2009

Richard Devlin and Erin Wright celebrated their wedding on the 17th of October 2009, their reception was held in the function centre of the Fremantle Maritime Museum.

Richard and Erin approached Simon Montgomery to organize the band entertainment for their reception in the July of 2009. They were looking for a band that would play well known covers tunes and were keen for there to be at least a little bit of ACDC in the set. Both Richard and Erin worked full time, Erin in the city and Richard out in the country, this meant they had limited time to meet in person. They wanted to be provided with a list of possible entertainment options and examples of their repertoire to help them decide what would be the most suitable option for their reception.

Erin and Richard decided on a trio consisting of drums, bass and guitar who played a number of well known hits though out the night. The band that was performing provided their own PA system which saved on additional hiring costs for Richard and Erin, they did have written into their agreement the necessity of staging to perform on. This requirement was organized by Simon Montgomery and was set up in place prior to the arrival of the band for sound checks in that afternoon.

The entertainment for the evening was a huge success with people enjoying the music late into the night, some people dancing others happy to listen to the skill and excellence of the musicians. The conclusion of the night saw Richard request an ACDC song, the band were happy to oblige with the request but asked if it would be possible for the bride and groom to dance to the song on the nearest table top, which they were more than happy to do.

Richard and Erin believe that the standard of excellence and level of service they received for their wedding reception exceeded their expectations. They were appreciative of Simon Montgomery’s abiltiy to organize the entertainment effectively and efficiently in a short period of time.

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