The Anatomy of a Groom

No two grooms are alike, and we are happy to appreciate and celebrate this diversity. We recognize that grooms have been overshadowed by the bride, the size of her diamond, and the train on her gown, for far too long. This article offers a fresh and good-natured exposé of the previously unexamined Anatomy of a Groom. No longer is he content to be lost in the wedding-day shuffle.

Depending on his age, lifestyle, and preferences, a groom will typically fall into one of six categories including the Traditional Ted, Chivalrous Shane, Minimalist Mike, Flashy Fritz, Lighthearted Larry, and Durable Dan. Grooms around the globe are happy to express their individuality, and we were happy to provide this platform to do so.

“Traditional Ted”

The traditional groom is strong-willed and holds his values and family traditions very dear. He will look for approval and advice from his father, family, and fellow groomsmen, and will consult with all concerned throughout the wedding planning process. He seeks a bride that is a team player and is just as overjoyed about his wedding day as she is. His personal style will compliment her bridal ensemble in both color and fashion, and his vows will include a special something for the Misses. Simply put, he is willing to do what it takes to give his wedding day, and life ever after, the perfect storybook ending.

“Chivalrous Shane” 

Truly a vestige of royalty and knighthood passed, a Chivalrous Shane has come to declare his undying love for his princess bride. He seeks nothing more than to see her smile and will work tirelessly to provide her with a fairytale all her own. He will stop at nothing to give his beloved the wedding of her dreams. If she’s always dreamt of a ceremony in a castle, he’s willing to swim across the moat. At the end of his wedding day, he will delight in the moment when he carries his bride over the threshold.

“Minimalist Mike”

Sometimes less is more. This can be true from time to time, but this is the creed of a Minimalist Mike. This type of groom will make no secret of the fact that he has come to the altar for one thing and one thing only – his beautiful bride. He is quiet, easygoing, and reserved, with a simple and traditional style.  Truthfully, he wouldn’t mind a quickie marriage at the local courthouse, but he will happily participate in the pomp and circumstance of his wedding day, if his bride so pleases. He may need some prodding to expand the budget when it comes to extras like a catered meal versus a buffet, or champagne rather than cheap wine, but he sincerely means no harm. Remember that his focus is to marry the woman he loves, and if he can do so without entering into the poorhouse, he will be so obliged.

“Flashy Fritz” 

As the ultimate alpha male, a Flashy Fritz must be seen and heard, and seen and heard, again. He is a stickler for details and he will readily participate with his queen to orchestrate the perfect wedding-day experience. In doing so, he will spare no expense. His attire may be contemporary and chic, yet bold, with a uniquely coordinated tie and pocket square. Guests will be impressed with his choice of music, food, and other entertainment. In short, his wedding day will be an event to be remembered, and rest assured that the reception will conclude with a bang!

“Lighthearted Larry”  

The lighthearted groom is the consummate entertainer who always keeps his endearing smile and infectious laugh close at hand. He has enjoyed the wedding planning process and the ceremony, choice of colors, and themes have his cheerful stamp all over them. He can hardly wait to tell that world that he is hopelessly head over hills about his bride.  As a cunning and humorous token of his affection, he may enlist guests to help him with a surprise or special toast during the reception. His personal style may be simple, traditional, or part of the “gag.” He readily and persistently pursues happiness and his motto is simple: it isn’t a good day unless he makes his bride smile.

“Durable Dan”

The durable groom is mature, enduring, and financially secure. Although he has walked down the aisle in the past, he is captivated with his bride-to-be. He understands that true love is worth waiting for and this time he intends to give it his all. His personal style may be somewhat nontraditional, and he will seek a simple, yet meaningful, ceremony with family and close friends.

Every groom is unique. As such, he will want to look and feel his best in his wedding-day attire. Fittings are highly recommended, as the vast majority of menswear will require some measure of alteration or professional preparation.

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