Think About Pink – the Dazzling and Mesmerising Alternative

As a matter of personal preference, diamond color is as unique as the brides they will adorn. While many will fancy the traditional colorless variety, a select few are equally captivated by the wide-ranging spectrum that this coveted gem has to offer. If your bride is one such lady, “Think about Pink” as a dazzling and mesmerizing alternative to conventional diamond ware.

Pink diamonds have been a coveted prize for centuries. From the Darya-ye Noor (a 182-carat pink diamond that is part of the crown jewels of Iran) to the Hollywood depiction of the “Pink Panther Diamond” (of which Inspector Jacques Clouseau was in tireless pursuit); pink diamonds have a unique and alluring appeal. So, where might you acquire one?

As the world’s largest diamond-producing mine by volume, the Argyle Diamond Mine in Kimberly, northern, Western Australia, serves as the world’s primary source for the rare and exquisite pink diamond. Individual stones may be priced nearly twenty times that of a comparable colorless equivalent.

Do away with what you understand of the traditional diamond color grading scale. Argyle Pink Diamonds are so exclusive that they have a dedicated color scale all their own. Coloration grades range from Purplish Pink through Red, with Pink, Pink Rose, Pink Champagne, and Blue Violet, in between. Although the standards regarding cut, clarity, and carat, are applicable, the quality of an Argyle Pink Diamond is further measured by its hue (dominant color), saturation (strength and purity of hue), and tone (a measurement of lightness or darkness).

A pink engagement ring gives a modern twist on the traditional gift.A rarity indeed, the cause of their unique coloration is not fully understood and remains open to conjecture. It is believed that as each diamond ascends to the surface of the earth, the resulting pressure causes structure alteration as the stone absorbs light. Whatever the source of their spectacular and brilliant hue; the Argyle Pink Diamond has become a highly sought-after conduit for grooms to express their love.

These impressive stones remain in the custody of the mine from unearthing to market, and are proudly produced free of conflict, poor workplace conditions, and unlawful environmental practices. Teams of highly skilled Argyle artisans are charged with the duty of crafting these exquisite natural stones into the resulting priceless treasures. To showcase their exceptional rarity, the Argyle Mine hosts an annual Pink Diamond Tender, by invitation only, where prospective buyers place sealed bids to determine the successful purchaser. This is a world-renowned event with unmatched exclusivity. Stones included in this Tender are literally one in a million, with one polished carat offered per one million carats mined. Signature stones include the Argyle Iris (square emerald-cut), Argyle Amour (heart-shaped), Argyle Scarlett (oval-cut brilliant), and the Argyle Aphrodite (round-cut brilliant), to name a few.

Apart from the exclusive Tender, Argyle diamonds can be purchased from several fine jewelry establishments, including those in and around the Perth metropolitan area. Because your gal is a rare gem herself, bejewel her with one of life’s most prized and exceptional possessions – diamonds that blush – the Argyle Pink Diamond.

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