Looking at Veils, Tiaras and Other Necessary Accessories

Have you recently picked out your perfect wedding dress and you are now looking for the perfect finishing touches? It can be hard to know what to pick and how many accessories to go for. Do you choose a new clutch bag or make your maid of honor carry your things? Do you pick a simple tiara or an elaborate veil? Do you choose comfortable shoes that look attractive or wear killer heels that will make you feel amazing? There is so much to think about that we decided to help you along a bit. Read on and find out about all the accessories you could choose on your big day.

There are lots of accessories that you can wear for your wedding day and each accessory will enhance your dress that you spent so much time and effort trying to pick. When we choose our wedding dresses, we are happy to spend thousands of dollars if it shouts out to us and tells us that it’s the right dress for us. We will happily trawl around shops for days just to find a dress that is right for us and shows off our assets. But is it just the dress that is on show? Or are you after a complete look? Accessories can give you this complete look and can make your wedding dress look even better than ever before (if that’s possible).

Let’s begin with the obvious accessory for your wedding outfit and one that every woman HAS to have. Shoes! Bridal shoes are often white or ivory with a small detail on them. You will find that there aren’t many pairs of wedding shoes that come complete with 6 inch heels and this is because they can make you really uncomfortable through the day. You want to look for a pair of shoes that have a comfortable height heel but a pair that still looks elegant enough. It’s also a good idea to take your partners height into account as nothing looks worse than a huge height gap between you both for the wedding photos. Remember to check the color of your shoes against your wedding dress and wear your wedding shoes when you have your dress altered for the right height.

Other accessories include your headgear and your bag. Some brides won’t have a bag and will simply ask their maid of honor to put everything in their bag for them. After all the maid of honor will be around for the full duration of the wedding so you will be able to get your things whenever you need to. But other brides prefer to have their belongings close to them and will pick a clutch bag or a pull string bag that they can wear around their wrist. You should hand this bag to your maid of honor for the ceremony and can then continue to use it after the ceremony and during the reception. Your headgear can be as elaborate or as petite as you like and it’s up to you whether you go for a big veil or a small tiara but before you buy it you should try them on with your hair in the style that you want to wear it for your wedding.

Finally you come to the jewellery. A simple bracelet, necklace and earrings all matching will suffice but remember that as it’s your wedding day you may want to go for something traditional or elegant. Try to save quite a large part of your budget for your wedding dress and the accessories so that you can complete your look and really put the finishing touches on an already perfect outfit.

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