The Wedding Cake – What to look for in a perfect cake.

A wedding cake is jut a cake right? Wrong! There is so much more to a wedding cake than a rich fruit filling or a simple white tiered cake. A wedding cake is a big expense and as such you should pick exactly what you want. So how do you decide what sort of wedding cake you want and how are you going to get it? In this article we are going to give you some inspiration so that you can see what sort of cake you want and maybe custom design your cake to suit you relationship or personalities. Read on through this article to get some amazing hints and tips on the perfect wedding cake.

Cake with brideChoosing your wedding cake can be a really scary business. You are spending so much money on a cake that you are only going to cut once and that will last as long as your wedding day so why choose something that is beautiful and stunning when it isn’t going to last? The wedding cake has been a tradition for years and it is a way of celebrating your wedding day with every guest at your wedding by giving them a piece of cake. It is also a tradition that people save a tier of their cake for the christening of their first child but bear in mind that this tradition is only reserved for fruit cake! Which brings me on nicely to our first deciding factor. What type of cake do you go for? Fruit cake has always been a traditional choice but many people are now favoring the sponge cake.

Sponge is a much lighter and nicer filling to go for and you can flavor it to your liking too. You can have vanilla, chocolate, peanut or even just plain if you wanted! Once you have decided on the filling then you can go on to design your ideal wedding cake. Many people will have at least three tiers for a wedding cake but it is up to you and how many guests you have as to what sized cake you would like. You can then as for any decoration you like such as a simple white or ivory icing with the flowers from your bouquet or some delicate piping work along the side of it. You can use this opportunity to incorporate the theme into your wedding and pick some of the colors or the style from your wedding and apply it to your cake.

You could always go for something completely wacky with your cake and choose a design or style that suits both you and your partners personality. If you both like snowboarding then why not have a giant snowboarding slope as a wedding cake? If you are both marine biologists then you can have a giant fish tank as your wedding cake. If you are stuck for ideas on either a traditional wedding cake or a completely obscure one that is made up of any shape and style that you like then why not search for some pictures online? All good search engines will allow you to search images so all you have to do is type in the theme of your wedding and add cake to the end. This should bring up lots of inspiration and should let you get some great ideas for your beautiful cake.

Why not take a look at some pictures today so that you can see what sort of wedding cake you would like. Remember to book well in advance if you want fruit cake and to save a big part of the budget for these beautiful and wonderfully made wedding cakes!

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