Wedding Party Etiquette And Duties

Weddings are a celebration of a union between two people and their families. It is a time of happiness and excitement. However, one table setting wrongly set up, one invitation misspelt and the whole thing turns to ruins. As much as everyone wants you to have a fantastic day, there are some people who will find offense because they haven’t been seated on the top table or mentioned in the speeches. So here we are going to go through the different wedding etiquette and some duties too so that you can be sure that you don’t offend anyone and you can ensure that everyone is pulling their weight! Read on and see how to make everyone happy (as well as you) on your big day .

It’s hard enough having to cope with the stress of planning a whole wedding by yourself but when it comes to people getting irritated because they wanted to pay for something or they think they’re paying too much then it can really get on top of you. This is why you need a guide that will help you to avoid these pitfalls and make sure that you can actually stay calm throughout your wedding and the planning process. The most common cause of arguments when planning a wedding is money and gone are the days when it all used to be so simple. The brides parents would pay for everything, the groom would pay for the honeymoon and the bride would pay for her own dress. In today’s society we tend to find that the bride and groom will pay for most of it while the parents will make a financial contribution to some aspects of it equally. Unfortuantely this doesn’t stop the arguments so here is how to make sure that you get away with as little upset as possible.

One way to make sure that everyone stays happy is to ask them to contribute equal amounts of money and put it into a separate “wedding” account. This will avoid all the problems and then they can’t say “we paid for the flowers” or “we gave you more money”. Another common problem is when the roles of the wedding party aren’t clear and people assume that they have nothing to do. The parents of the bride and groom are to be seated on the top table and they may be asked to say a few words. It’s traditional for the father of the bride to say a speech but in this day and age any parental or close member from the brides family can get up and speak. The other people sitting on the top table should be the best man and th maid of honor. If you have step parents then it might be an idea to extend the table rather than cause an argument.

You should also think about going through the guest list with both sets of parents so they know who you are inviting. If they suggest someone else who you don’t want to invite then politely tell them that if they wish to pay for them then they can come. Make sure you do this well in advance because there is nothing worse than the mother of the bride asking where Auntie Enid is on your wedding day! All in all you should talk things through with everyone and make sure that none of your wedding party have any grievances or problems that they are harboring. Be sure that everyone knows their duties on the big day and you are sure to have a peaceful and argument free wedding day.

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