Wedding Planning – Your Guide to Finding the Right Wedding Planner

When you realize how much hard work and effort it is to organize your wedding, you can easily see why wedding planners get paid so much! Maybe you don’t have the time to plan your wedding or you just want a professional touch to it. Well that is where a wedding planner comes in, but which one do you go for? Looking online there are thousands available so how do you narrow down your search and find the right one for you? In this guide we are going to give you a few things to look out for so that you can find the right wedding planner for your big day.

If you have decided that all that planning is not for you then you are going to need a top notch wedding planner. Maybe you have a really hectic life and don’t have time to spend hours looking over flowers and menus. Maybe you don’t like the idea of planning your own wedding and would rather it was a surprise for when you arrived on the big day. No matter what your reason for wanting a wedding planner, you firstly have to find one! So where do you look? Well we have found that the best place to find a quality wedding planner is at a wedding fare. These fares are designed for people to sell their services to people who are really interested and it will give you a chance to talk to the potential planners face to face so that you get a feel for them.

When you have shortlisted a few of them then ask them some important questions such as how much do you charge, how many weddings are you planning at once and are you contactable easily? It also helps if you find a planner that is in close proximity to you because this means you are more likely to be able to meet up over coffee or head to their office for a meeting in your lunch break etc. Budget is always an important part of hiring a planner but most planners work on a percentage rather than a fixed rate. Their fee is usually a percentage of the total cost of your wedding so if your wedding is coming to $20,000 then the planner will take 10-20% of this as their fee.

When you have found the right wedding planner then you can get started on planning your wedding. You will find that there are lots of questions and forms to fill in but this is all about getting to know you and your styles so make sure you answer as many as possible. When you have filled in the paperwork then your planner will start to get your venue sorted and all the other aspects of your wedding. You will be consulted throughout the whole process and will be able to choose everything from your flower arrangements to your waiting staff. A planner simply gives you the best choices they can find rather than planning the whole thing for you.

So if you want to find your perfect wedding planner, why not take a look online or go to some of the bridal fares that are in your local area? Listening to word of mouth is also a really good way to ensure you find the right planner for you so why not ask some friends and family for some recommendations of people they have used? Good luck in finding the right wedding planner for you who can make your special day really unique and a great start to a wonderful marriage.

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