How To Find The Right Wedding Venue

Have you recently got engaged and no you are thinking about where you are going to have your wedding? It can be quite daunting when you think about the amount of people you are going to invite, whether you want to have both the ceremony and reception there and even little things like will there be enough room for your enormous family! Well all of these things are deciding factors as to which venue you choose so in this article we thought we would give you some more food for thought so that you can make sure you get the right wedding venue for your day. Read on and see how we can help.

A wedding is such an exciting time and you want everything to be perfect. But what about when you don’t know where to get married or even what sort of venue you want? Well there is only one thing more important than your wedding venue when you get married and that is the theme of your wedding. If you are having a deep sea theme then you are going to want to find an aquarium or sea center that will be able to hold your wedding. If it’s a traditional wedding you want then you will need to find a church. So when you have decide on the theme and you know roughly what sort of venue you are looking for then you can go onto the other questions. The first question being where?

If you have lots of family from around the country (or world) then you will want to go for something central. If you have lots of local family or have a strong bond with your hometown then you can get married locally and have the wedding where you live. It is up to you and the locations of your guests but if you feel that you have a set location in mind that some people will find it difficult to get to then don’t be offended when they turn down your invitations. When you have decided on the location and type of venue then you can start looking for the right one. This will mean that you may have to visit some so to save you a bit of time, why not do a few enquiries before you book a viewing.

These checks should include things like how many people they can fit in the venue, whether they cater for both ceremonies and receptions, if they have certain facilities such as wheelchair access and if they offer any additional services such as catering. You should also think about where you and your wedding party are going to stay before and after the wedding so ask if they have any guest rooms available. You can ring and ask all of these questions or you can put them in an email and send them out to all your potential venues so that you can save time. Then when you find a few venues that tick all the boxes, you can make appointments to view them and take a look around.

When you take a look around a venue, you should be able to tell whether you like it or not. Something inside your stomach will say “this is the one” and you will fall in love instantly. You should take a look around for the scenery and places where you can set your wedding pictures and also look around all the entertaining rooms so you are completely satisfied with what they are offering you. Once you have found your perfect venue then you can get on with planning the rest of the wedding and making your day the best it can possibly be.

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