Your Wedding Blueprint – After the Engagement but Before You Say “I Do”

After the tears, barrage of phone calls, emails, text messages, and more phone calls, couples may feel a tad overwhelmed. It may seem as though you will be planning things in reverse going from Z – A (the “Zoo” of uncertainty to your walk down the “Aisle”). Presumably, if this is your first wedding, you are not quite sure where to begin. The average wedding will take nearly 12 months to plan, depending on the number of guests and location. If you have a limited timeframe, there is no time to waste. Etch out your Wedding Blueprint with the confidence and enthusiasm every engagement should bring.

Devise a Plan

In order for this fairytale to take shape, you will need to devise a plan. Jot down all you know about wedding customs, traditions, dos and don’ts. In this day of lightning-speed technology, a click of the mouse can reveal so much. Online research will help you learn the average costs for a particular element or service, how to set up a bridal registry, the necessary licensing requirements, find a reputable marriage celebrant or officiant, design a unique theme, and more. Talk to family and friends, read related books and magazines, or visit a nearby specialty boutique. This type of active brainstorming will help to define your wedding style and serve as your roadmap to the finish line – the altar.

Get Organized

Now that you have made it through the initial brainstorm, you will want to organize your findings. Begin by creating a detailed task list to determine the magnitude and scope of your plans. This list will serve many purposes including the outline for the timeline, which in turn will dictate the necessary budget milestones.

You will also want to set aside a regular time/day to review plans and measure your progress. Treat your wedding plans like any important project complete with file folders or an all-in-one organizer. This will make your plans easily accessible and convenient to tote during appointments.

Team Spirit

The planning process can be an emotional time for many couples, and the stress and strain of an ever-increasing task list can wreak havoc on a relationship. Does it really have to be this way? Contrary to popular wedding lore, the groom can be an integral part of the planning process. From creating preliminary guest lists for the ceremony, bridal, bachelorette (hen) or bachelor (stag) parties, interviewing potential musicians and photographers, coordinating the fitting for the groomsmen, or pricing invitation and stationery printing needs; the groom can offer his bride-to-be endless amounts of stress-relieving comfort. Not to mention the benefit of how team-building will draw you closer to each other. At the end of the day, organization begets happiness, and if the bride is happy, the groom is… well, the groom will be just fine.

Expanding the Team

If the thought of doing it yourself makes you feel dizzy or the plan has become an unmanageable beast, you will want to consider hiring a professional wedding planner or coordinator. Although this decision is not something that has to be done right away, you will want to get your planner on board in the early stages.

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or decide to hire professional assistance, a well-devised plan will help you stay organized, focused, meet your expectations, and relieve a considerable amount of stress as the date draws near.

Let the plans begin!

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