Characteristics of a Quality Disc Jockey

When brides and grooms are interviewing prospective wedding reception disc-jockeys there are a number of certain qualities that they should be looking for. It’s not always easy to read the character of an individual, but it is important to know whether the disc jockey you are hiring is capable of entertaining your guests as well as he claims.

A DJ should be social. If your DJ seems shy or reserved, he may not be able to engage with your guests. If the disc jockey is not serving as your MC, or master of ceremonies, then it may not be as important for him to have strong public speaking skills. The DJ should be clear in his speech and able to talk without awkward pauses. A person with a quality social nature is able to generate conversation in almost any situation. Engaging with your guests is going to require the MC, which may be the DJ, to make small jokes and to keep the crowd on the dance floor. The MC is the entertainer for the night. He is the voice behind the music and should be keeping the event positive and upbeat. A DJ who is unable to do this who is serving as the MC for the evening could turn the night into a real downer.

A DJ should be friendly. As simple as it may sound, an arrogant DJ makes for a real lousy entertainer. Small talk with your DJ will reveal if he puts himself on a pedestal or if he is really putting the customer first. There is no point in hiring a DJ who talks down to his customers. You’re paying this disc jockey a great deal of money. There is absolutely no need for the DJ to talk down to you or any of your guests. In fact, an arrogant DJ could ultimately ruin your big night by upsetting your guests, or even worse, by upsetting you. The service industry is all about friendly and cheerful service. The last thing you want is for your DJ to pull a temper tantrum in the middle of your happy event.

A DJ should be respectful. Make sure the DJ is listening to your wants and desires. If the DJ continuously puts down your ideas, he may not be showing you the respect that you truly deserve. A quality DJ listens to his prospective customers and accommodates their needs as best as he can. Do not feel that you are unimportant in the planning process. Your ideas matter just as much as the disc jockey’s experience. It is also unacceptable for the disc jockey to use his experience as a reason to turn down all of your ideas and disregard you. You’re paying the disc jockey – you have the right to sculpt the event to match your exact wants. Expect respect from your disc jockey and take this character trait into consideration.

The qualities of a DJ are very important to the success of your wedding. It may not seem relevant to judge your disc jockey during the interview, but understand that your DJ is going to be the operator of your event. You may be able to control the food, room lighting, and seating arrangement during the event, but the disc jockey will be in possession of the microphone and music controls these really do play a large role in creating the mood and atmosphere of the entire evening. Make sure you’re comfortable and assured that the DJ you’ll be hiring can create a positive mood that represents the happy occasion being celebrated.

At The Wedding Music Planner we have disc jockeys of various personalities to match the atmosphere for your wedding day. For more information on possible Disc Jockeys or for more wedding entertainment options please contact us.

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