The Sound Track of Love – After the Engagement but Before You Say “I Do”

  Creating a festive and entertaining atmosphere on your wedding day is yet another piece of the planning puzzle. Will you hire a band, DJ, string quartet, or do it yourself with an iPod? Choosing music selections that reflect the flair and personality of the couple as well as appeal to reception-goers can be something […]

Selecting the Right Wedding Reception Entertainment

Wedding reception entertainers, whether a live band or a disc-jockey play an important and significant role at a wedding reception in creating and maintaining the atmosphere of the evening. This influence, which is largely being trusted to a stranger (or group of strangers in the case of a live band), can have an effect on […]

Wedding Planning – Finding the Right Music

One of the aspects a couple should pay attention to in planning a wedding is finding the right music for the occasion. Music is a powerful that can evoke past memories and experiences in people. Its characteristics including being pleasant to the ears, having rhythm to appeal to the body, melody for the mind and […]

What to Provide Your Wedding Reception DJ

A common question many brides and grooms have is “what food and drink we provide for the disc jockey?” Over the past three decades, it has become quite common for hosts at most reception hall events to provide their DJ with a few essentials. Although you don’t need to spoil your disc jockey with all […]

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