The Classic Bride Look – Dress, Shoes and Accessories

What sort of look do you want to go for on your wedding day? Maybe you and your partner are avid fans of hiking and want to dress up accordingly? Maybe you are both into star wars and would like to dress up as the characters. Maybe you just want the classic bride look to complete your traditional wedding? In this article we are going to help guide you in the right direction to get the perfect classic bride look and make sure that you look and feel fantastic on your big day. Read on and see what tips you will find.

What sort of dress have you chosen to make you look fantastic and to make your groom go weak at the knees? Have you gone for a classic look and a simple white dress? Have you gone for a stunning bright red gown that will make you stand out and fit in with your weddings color scheme? Maybe you are having a wedding in the middle of winter and you are going for a warm yet snowy look? Your wedding dress is just the beginning when it comes to your wedding outfit and there are so many other things to think about that sometimes you can forget everything. Luckily we have this article to help you so that you can remember all your accessories and get the perfect look for your big day.

Let’s start at the beginning with the veil or the tiara. It is important to remember that lots of veils look better on hair that is up rather than down so if you want to pick a veil that is right for you then it might be a good idea to try it with your hairstyle that you are going to wear on the day. When it comes to tiaras, they look good on both hair up and hair down, still think about trying them with the hairstyle before you buy them. If you buy a veil or tiara from the same boutique that you buy your wedding dress from then you can see if they work well together.

When you have found the right headgear then you can go onto your shoes. You should take into account the color of your dress and decide which shoes you want to go for. There isn’t always a huge selection of shoes in boutiques so it might be a wise idea to go for a pair of shoes that you can buy online. They don’t have to be specific wedding shoes but as long as they are white (or ivory) and they suit both you and your dress then you can go ahead and buy them. Remember to take the shoes to each dress fitting so they can be sure of the dress length when you are wearing the shoes.

Finally we come to the little finishing touches such as gloves, bags and jewelery. Gloves are very popular in the winter and depending on the season you get married in, this will depend on the length of the gloves. You will be able to find these gloves in most stores and online along with some really petite and delicate clutch bags too. Remember to make sure that all of these additional accessories match your dress in color so that they don’t stand out. Accessories really can make the difference between a good wedding outfit and a fantastic one. Take a look at some of the accessories available online now and see what takes your fancy. You’ll be amazed by what you will find and what will go with your dress so look today!

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