Dress to Impress – After the Engagement but Before You Say “I Do”

Finding the perfect wedding dress for the bride and suit for the groom needs to not only be about style and elegance but also about functionality and comfort with a wedding day being a long and rigorous event.

The Anatomy of a Bride

There are no two brides alike, and each will display a flair of individuality all her own. Eyes will be set agaze as she sashays towards the altar, and it will be clear that she is the indisputable heart of the ceremony. Depending on her lifestyle, preferences, and age, she will typically fall into one […]

Selecting the Right Dress for Your Wedding Day

Have you decided on your dream wedding date? Maybe now everything is starting to become a bit more real and you realize that you need to get started on some serious wedding planning. But there is so much to do! You’ve got to organize the venue, the caterers, etc but what is the most important […]

The Classic Bride Look – Dress, Shoes and Accessories

What sort of look do you want to go for on your wedding day? Maybe you and your partner are avid fans of hiking and want to dress up accordingly? Maybe you are both into star wars and would like to dress up as the characters. Maybe you just want the classic bride look to […]

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