Final Preparation of Church Music – Checklist

Approximately two to three months before the wedding day, the bride and the groom should be done in making major decisions regarding the wedding music. It would be such a hassle to worry about the final details during the last few days. Not only would it cause unnecessary stress to the couple, it may also ruin a what is the most important day of their lives. Finalizing the details at least two weeks before the big day would make the couple relaxed and well-prepared.

Here are a few reminders regarding the wedding music which you shouldn’t forget:

  1. Ensure all the sound systems are ready to be used and are functioning well. Ask you musicians if they need extension cords or other miscellaneous general items. Make sure you visit the location / venue and ascertain whether there are adequate power outlets / power supply easily available for the entertainers to use.
  2. Discuss with the Band Leader or Music Director what kind of music you have in mind. If you are looking forward to an elegant wedding, you wouldn’t want the music provider to overshadow the ceremony. The more specific your vision for your wedding day and instructions to your entertainment / music provider is means that the less likelihood you will be disappointed on your wedding day. Basically, there is never such a thing as too much communication.
  3. Make sure the musicians are familiar with the location of the venue. Simple things like providing a sketch or a map of the surrounding area would be one way to ensure that musicians are on time and fully prepared to provide the music for your wedding day.
  4. Ensure adequate time is allocated and planned for the setting up of equipment and checking of all the gear required. Ideally you would want all of the musical elements to be setup and ready at least 15 minutes prior to the arrival of guests (approximately 30 minutes prior to the ceremony). If your wedding ceremony is being held in a church that is popular for weddings and has two to three on each day this is even more important. Communication between yourself, the celebrant and the musical director / music organiser is paramount to avoid any unnecessary hiccups.
  5. Arrange a date, where possible, when you can visit the church together with the music provider. This will enable technical elements such as the time needed to setup instruments as well as the placement of the band (location). This is also an opportunity to discuss the arrangements of each song being played and the length of time needed to be filled musically for each segment. Be specific with every hymn you want played at every part of your ceremony and how you want them played, this will guarantee the hymns that are meaningful to you as a couple are played and keep in the spirit of your wedding day.
  6. Make sure that your musicians will be wearing appropriate clothes for the occasion. Take note that church weddings are a generally formal events. If you specifically want the band to wear suits or ties make sure you instruct the music organiser of this prior to the day.

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