The Sound Track of Love – After the Engagement but Before You Say “I Do”

  Creating a festive and entertaining atmosphere on your wedding day is yet another piece of the planning puzzle. Will you hire a band, DJ, string quartet, or do it yourself with an iPod? Choosing music selections that reflect the flair and personality of the couple as well as appeal to reception-goers can be something […]

Preparing Your Church Wedding Music – A timeline from a year before the wedding day.

Making your wedding truly remarkable and unforgettable to those who will attend it requires time and effort, not to mention money. Among the little details that add special meaning to your big day is the kind of music which will be played while the ceremony is taking place. Music is more than just an empty […]

Wedding Planning – Finding the Right Music

One of the aspects a couple should pay attention to in planning a wedding is finding the right music for the occasion. Music is a powerful that can evoke past memories and experiences in people. Its characteristics including being pleasant to the ears, having rhythm to appeal to the body, melody for the mind and […]

Catholic Church Wedding Music – Simple preparation in selecting respectful songs.

Getting married in a Catholic Church requires careful planning of the musical program to create a beautiful yet solemn ceremony. Having someone to guide you through the intricacies and expectations, all of the steps and procedures, in choosing the appropriate and beautiful songs is highly recommended to save you much time, stress and, in some […]

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