Preparing Your Church Wedding Music – A timeline from a year before the wedding day.

Making your wedding truly remarkable and unforgettable to those who will attend it requires time and effort, not to mention money. Among the little details that add special meaning to your big day is the kind of music which will be played while the ceremony is taking place. Music is more than just an empty filler to silent moments in a wedding. More than words and grandiose wedding decorations, music has the ability to emphasize the love between the bride and the groom and evoke an emotional response in the guests that will be remembered long after the wedding day is finished.

Organization is the key to a successful wedding, one way that this can be achieved is by using a timeline. Using a notebook to serve as a journal you can write down the list of things that need to be done and when these tasks need to be completed by, as things are completed and marked off you can keep a close eye on the progress you have made to achieving your dream wedding.Using a timeline will help you have a better understanding of your priorities and will minimize the tendencies of forgetting important details, all of these will reduce last minute stress and heartache from important little details that have been overlooked or forgotten about.

As every wedding is unique your personal timeline will be unique for your wedding preparations. Here is an example timeline of things and dates to start planning and organizing the music for your church wedding ceremony.

12 Months Before the Wedding Day.

Right after you and your beloved decided to tie the knot, begin thinking about the songs you would like to hear on your special day. Gather information about the standard musician rates and where to find experienced professional musicians.

7-11 Months Before the Wedding Day.

Make the time to go and watch the musicians play at another wedding or similar event. The benefit of seeing them perform live is that it helps you avoid choosing music providers that are not up to a professional standard that you are satisfied with. Spending a little bit of time viewing the performers early in your preparation will help you see if they can deliver the product that they say they can, this will save you having to make difficult decisions such as finding better quality musicians closer to the day – an unnecessary and avoidable stress.

4-7 Months Before the Wedding Day

Book your chosen musicians and be ready to pay a deposit to guarantee their services. Paying in advance assures you that they will be there on your wedding day. An important reminder is to book musicians as early as possible. The best ones are usually fully-booked through out the year.

2-4 Months Before the Wedding Day

Finalize your ceremony music choices and communicate if there are any special arrangement requirements to suit the flow of your ceremony. Things such as extra chorus and verses or similarly shortened songs all should be communicated as early as possible to save every one the stress of last minute changes.

If possible make a time to visit the church venue with the musical director / music provider to communicate everything from setup arrangements including times, equipment needed (power points etc) and exact positioning. Leave nothing to chance or assumption to ensure your wedding musicians are prepared for every possible scenario at the venue.

2 Weeks Before the Wedding Day

Confirm with your musicians the date, time and venue of your wedding. Make sure all details including setup times, song lists and structures have been communicated clearly and concisely. Confirm finalisation of  payments details and ensure these are paid on time. It is highly recommended that this is done prior to the ceremony to ensure musicians are not forgotten about after your wedding day has concluded and you have left for your honeymoon.

1 Week Before the Wedding Day

Confirm that all details have been covered and that the musicians are fully satisfied with all the details. Have all payments fully paid prior to the wedding day. This upfront payment prior to the wedding day is common practice in the wedding business as it guarantees performers are not forgotten about in the busyness of the day. It can also save embarrassment for you at the conclusion of your ceremony having musicians coming up asking for payment.

Ask a trusted friend, who you know will not interfere with your wishes, to liaise with the music provider / musicians on your wedding day. This will allow you to not have to deal with any problems or complications that arise and focus on more important things like getting married.

On the Day

Remember to take the time to thank the musicians for their contribution to your wedding day, although they are hired professionals they still appreciate encouragement for their hard work.

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