The Anatomy of a Bride

There are no two brides alike, and each will display a flair of individuality all her own. Eyes will be set agaze as she sashays towards the altar, and it will be clear that she is the indisputable heart of the ceremony. Depending on her lifestyle, preferences, and age, she will typically fall into one of seven categories including the Princess Classic, Romantic, Contemporary Chic, Simplistically Elegant, Bodacious, Effervescent, or Enduring.  Make no mistake, we love and appreciate all grooms. This article is not meant to diminish his importance in anyway; however, we thought we would take this opportunity for a good-natured examination of the Anatomy of a Bride.

When making your wedding debut, which type of bride are you?

Princess Classic Bride

Typically the apple of her father’s eye; the princess classic bride is youthful, lively, and optimistic. Her wedding day will be shrouded in tradition, with her parents taking part in the planning, coordination, financial, and other aspects of her ceremony. She will be attracted to the storybook wedding, complete with the whimsical lavishness she deserves, and her wedding day will be a cherished memory for all.

Romantic Bride

Her prince has arrived just as she always knew he would, and their wedding day will serve as a fitting culmination to a loving and traditional engagement. Although a castle would be ideal, this hopeless romantic will create a wistful ambiance in any venue. Her personal style is warm, yet captivating, and her guests will be charmed indeed. She will unabashedly blush under the intent gaze of her groom; after all, she is in love and her cup runneth over.

Contemporary Chic Bride

As a trendsetter, the contemporary chic bride is admired, popular, and fashionable; and her ceremony will be “all the rage.” She and/or her groom may have a measure of societal importance, and her guests will be delighted as well as honored by the invitation. Her style will be glamorous, with an air of picturesque simplicity, and her ceremony will carry the price tag of economic privilege.

Simplistically Elegant Bride

Comfortable in her own skin; the elegant bride is sincere, loving, and uncomplicated. She may opt for a natural or simple look and will not be overly concerned with the lavishness of pomp and circumstance. She may choose a garden, beach, or other nature-inspired venue, and her style will be a passionate reflection of her personality.

Bodacious Bride

Truly the “Belle of the Ball,” the bodacious bride commands the spotlight and will have a penchant for presentation and detail. Her wedding day is a production in which she and her groom are stars; it’s her day and she will make no excuses about this. Her sense of fashion will be modern with a touch of class, and her ceremony would not be complete without an air of extravagance. Her guests will be impressed by her choice of color, music, and cuisine, and her party favors will be imaginative and unique.

Effervescent Bride

The effervescent bride is described as fun-loving and a friend to all. She is the most gracious of the bunch and her humble personality will put all in attendance at ease. Even when things fail to go according to plan, she remains levelheaded and takes it in stride. Her perspective is focused, reality-based, and she never misses an opportunity to make her guests feel appreciated and welcome. In keeping with her friendly and oftentimes humorous nature, she will somehow ensure that a lonely heart is in receipt of her wedding bouquet.

Enduring Bride

Mature, financially secure, and perhaps marrying for the second time, this bride will prefer a smaller more intimate venue in the company of family and close friends. Her style may be simplistic, natural, or non-traditional, and her focus will be centered on the love shared with her groom. She will be attracted to the smaller garden or cocktail wedding, and might even choose to elope – opting for a celebratory reception at a later date.

These types may have similar characteristics, but one thing remains distinctively true. Each bride defines her style through the venue, choice of color palette, floral selections, and gown. As such, fittings are highly recommended, as the vast majority of bridal wear will require some measure of alteration.

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