Which Wedding Dress Style Will Suit You?

When you first start to look for your ideal wedding dress, it can seem a little daunting. You will soon find that there are lots of different types and designs of dress that can make your whole body shape change. But which style will suit you best? Which one will accentuate the strengths in your body shape but hide areas you aren’t as happy with? In this article we are going to be discussing the different types of wedding dress style and which one will suit you best. Read on and you could be choosing your perfect wedding dress today and finding the right dress to suit your body shape.

When you look through all of those wedding magazines and websites, do your eyes instantly draw to the wedding dresses and the stick thin models that are on the page? Do you think to yourself “ my hips/waist/chest won’t fit into that!” and carry on looking through the magazines for dresses that might suit your body shape? It can be hard to find any real life models in those magazines which can make it really difficult to know which wedding dress will suit your body shape. This article is going to help you out and get you into the right dress so that will look and feel great on your bog day. So lets start with a bit of research. Those wedding magazines are a fantastic way to get some inspiration and decide what you want from your dress. If you see a dress with a huge train or a beautiful neckline then you can jot this down and find a dress that shows off your shape and still has these key elements that you want. Why not go through a few of these magazines and see if they give you any inspiration?

Once you have a few key ideas in mind then you can focus on finding the right style for your body shape. Now we all know about the apple, pear, hour glass and straight body shapes but do we know which style will suit our shape? The basic rule of thumb is not to enhance your body hangups but to show off what you do have. If you have a larger than life chest then you should steer clear from halter neck dresses as these will only draw the attention to your chest and make it look even bigger. If you are a pear shape then an empire or column style dress is not a good option because it simply clings to curves rather than flatters them. If you aren’t sure which type of style will suit your body then why not try some dresses on and see how they fit on you? You will need to take an honest friend who is willing to tell you whether you look good or not.

Your wedding dress should not only look fantastic in your wedding pictures and make you look stunning but you should also love it and feel comfortable in it. If you feel great in your dress then you will automatically look great and the smile that will radiate from your face will not be one for the photos but will really show just how happy you are and how fantastic you feel in your beautiful wedding dress. So why not grab yourself some magazines, hit the Internet and start looking for some much needed wedding dress inspiration. Look for dresses that flatter you and your body shape rather than make you feel uncomfortable but most importantly, find the dress that takes your breath away and you will know that that is the wedding dress for you.

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