Alias Live – Liwara Catholic Primary School – 18th March 2011

On the evening of Friday the 19th of March 2011 the rock and contemporary cover band Alias Live performed at Liwara Catholic Primary School in Greenwood Western Australia.

Liwara Catholic Primary School have been providing community events for the benefit of their students and their families for many years. One of the events that is held annually is their concert on the oval. The aim of this event is to encourage families to spend quality family time with each other and promote a closer community atmosphere, hopefully resulting in closer relationships not just between the students but also amongst their parents.

The decision was made by the Parents and Friends association to try a new approach for this year’s event by hiring a modern rock band instead of the usual bush band that had been used in previous years. The request from the P&F was that the band would be able to interact with the audience to encourage both students and their parents to dance whilst presenting a diverse range of modern rock songs including current radio hits and well known and loved tunes that would be inclusive of parent’s tastes.

Adam James, a parent at the school and owner of NADAM events, a production company, was asked to oversee the organisation of this event including stage layout, lighting, audio requirements and band hire. Adam has worked on many projects with the Wedding Music Planner and knowing their high level of excellence with all of their acts contacted Simon Montgomery to see if he could recommend and book a band that would be able to meet the expectations for the concert on the oval. Simon contacted the band Alias Live to see if they would be available for this event.

Alias Live performed two high energy sets from 7:00pm – 8:45pm for approximately 400 people including teaching staff, parents, family and students. Their sets included a diverse repertoire of songs over many genres including rock, R&B and soul songs.

Alias Live presented themselves in a professional manner for this event and worked hard to ensure that the number of people on the dance floor was consistently between 50 – 100 people throughout the entire evening. The song selection was ideal for the style of event with tunes including Superstition, It’s Raining Men and I Gotta Feeling all getting a great response from all age groups in attendance.

Alias Live managed to keep the atmosphere and energy for the entirety of their performance at a high level through the use of segues (changing from one song to the next without stopping) and keeping the talking in between songs to a minimum. Leanne Holland (lead vocals) was welcoming and inviting of people to come and dance on the dance floor without being too forceful and demanding.

The production, provided by NADAM events, enhanced the party atmosphere that was being created by the band. The number of quality lights from LED cans to LED strips, a planned out lighting show, the use of lighting haze, a decent sized stage and dance floor all helped to keep the audience engaged in the entertainment being provided onstage. The front of house mix and sound quality produced from the speakers was exceptional and Adam James showed a great sensitivity to the individual needs of each song to make it an exceptional listening experience which was not too loud or overpowering for those with sensitive hearing.

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Alias Live are a professional five piece band consisting of lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass and drums. They specialise in providing entertainment for private functions including parties and weddings and corporate functions and events. This experience has lead to them developing a vast repertoire over many different styles, included in this repertoire are well known rock tunes as well as current radio hits.


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