How to Organise Your Wedding Efficiently

Having a beautiful and perfect wedding day is what every woman wants, but it can often become a stressful and daunting task having to organize it. So what do you do? Do you simply opt for a romantic wedding for two where nothing can go wrong? Do you hire a wedding planner and go over budget? Do you organize the perfect day with a lot of hard work and a lot of list making?! In this article we are going to help you find ways to organize your wedding efficiently and make sure that you don’t miss anything out.

Organizing your wedding day can be so stressful that sometimes it can drive you mad if you don’t organize it properly and get the venue, catering, music / entertainment or flowers that you want. The art of delegation and making lists can really help organize your wedding but when you don’t know where to start, what do you do? Thankfully there are guides such as this one which will help steer you in the right direction and give you some ideas on what to organize first. The first thing to think about (other than a date) is the theme of your wedding. The theme for the wedding will include specific color schemes that you want to incorporate into your wedding, whether you want to go for a traditional or contemporary wedding, whether you want to introduce a theme regarding a film or even a season. This theme will go through your whole wedding including the venue, the table decorations and even the wedding outfits.

Now that you have a wedding theme, it will be a lot easier to organize all the aspects of your wedding. You should start with the venue because good venues are often booked up early on. If you have a specific venue that you want then you should look to book it up to 2 years before hand just to make sure that you get the date you want to. If you don’t know which venue to have then you should start looking straight away. You are going to need to work out what your specifications are such as capacity and additional facilities that you might need. Do you want the venue to do your catering? Do you want the venue to hold both the ceremony and the reception? You should make a list of these requirements so that when you ring up to arrange a visit, you can save time if they don’t offer what you need.

Once you have the venue sorted you then need to move onto all the other parts of the organizational process such as the catering, the flowers, the invitations, the decorations and the outfits for the whole wedding party. You should tackle this by writing a really comprehensive list of everything you need to do and list them in order of importance.  You should also try to give each point a time frame so that you know when to have it done by. When you have written your list then you can start to actually organize your wedding and get everything booked.

It’s really important to remember that you should chase up and confirm all your bookings and go over your lists a week before the wedding just to make sure that you have everything sorted. This will help you to feel more comfortable when it comes to the big day and will ensure that everything runs smoothly on your perfect wedding day. Lists are the organizers dream so use them to your advantage and make sure that everything is perfect for your wedding day.

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