Misty de Haan and Tye Chatfield 28th October 2011

On Friday the 28th of October 2011 Misty De Haan and Tye Chatfield celebrated their wedding ceremony in the picturesque setting of the Ceremony Garden at the Novotel Vines Resort in the Swan Valley, Western Australia. The music was organised and provided by Simon Montgomery and the Wedding Music Planner team with Steph Ryan, vocalist, being accompanied by the talented Karl Hiller on classical guitar.

Misty had contacted Simon Montgomery and the Wedding Music Planner at the beginning of 2011 to enquire into prices for musicians to provide live music for their ceremony. Misty and Tye were having a small intimate wedding with a small number of close friends and family in attendance, they were keen for the musical choices to compliment this ambience so were looking for a solo vocalist to be accompanied, at first by piano, but after some more thought they asked for a solo guitarist. Misty and Tye also asked if it would be possible for the guitarist to be classically trained and able to provide background music for their guests immediately before and at at the conclusion of their ceremony.

Misty requested that there be a specific song used for the processional hymn, “Can’t Wait to Marry You”, as well as the song “Signed Sealed and Delivered” used for the recessional hymn and if the musicians would be happy to learn these songs to add that special touch to their wedding day. Steph and Karl were happy to oblige Misty’s request and ensure that she was happy Steph accompanied Simon Montgomery out to Misty and Tye’s house to meet the happy couple and perform a version of the processional song for them.

The planning and organisation of the wedding day continued for The Weddng Music Planner Team with Simon making an appointment to view the venue and meet the wedding co-ordinator from the Novotel Vines Resort, Jessica Terranova. This meeting occurred a month prior to the wedding date and allowed Simon to view the setup of the venue and ensure that there would be no technical glitches on the day for Steph or Karl.

Steph and Karl arrived out at the Novotel Vines Resort at 2:30 for a 3:00pm wedding ceremony with all of the details that had been provided by Simon Montgomery. After moving to the ceremony gardens and setting up in the pergola vines area they awaited the beginning of the ceremony with Karl performing a number of traditional classical guitar tunes to help magnify the already intimate ambience of the garden setting.

The opening song of the ceremony, “Can’t Wait to Marry You” saw began with the entrance of the flower girl and paige boy, Misty and Tye’s children, walking down the red carpeted walkway towards the fountain centerpiece in which Misty and Tye were going to say their vows in front of. These were followed by the bridesmaids throughout the second verse of the song. Misty, in her beautiful white gown, entered the garden as Steph and Karl played the climatic bridge of the song.

The ceremony was an intimate affair with both Misty and Tye professing their love for each other in front of their family and friends. The celebrant showed their experience in wedding ceremonies throughout the proceedings with always being willing to help and instruct the members of the bridal party with where to stand and move at the various times.

The ceremony concluded with the Stevie Wonder classic “Signed Sealed Delivered” and lead into the beginning of the celebration with the wedding reception also being held at the Vine Resort.

A huge thank you from The Wedding Music Planner team to Misty and Tye for the opportunity to be a part of your special day in providing your wedding music needs.

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