The Sound Track of Love – After the Engagement but Before You Say “I Do”


Creating a festive and entertaining atmosphere on your wedding day is yet another piece of the planning puzzle. Will you hire a band, DJ, string quartet, or do it yourself with an iPod? Choosing music selections that reflect the flair and personality of the couple as well as appeal to reception-goers can be something of a challenge. The following tips will help you hit the right note when choosing the music for your wedding day.


Think of your wedding-day music as the perfect Soundtrack to Your Love Story. Each piece of music is responsible for telling or complimenting a piece of the story. For example:

The prelude music should be lighthearted and pleasing as the guests are being seated. The processional music should be an obvious transition from the prelude music and serves to alert guests that the ceremony is ready to begin. If there is not a bridal party, the prelude may transition into the bride’s entrance.

Typically flowing from the processional music and distinct from all others, the bride’s entrance music should catch the attention of your guests in anticipation of the bride’s walk down the aisle. This may be accompanied with an announcement from the ceremony officiant.

After the ceremony, the recessional music is played as the bridal party and newlyweds are leaving the ceremony room. Finally, yet importantly, the interlude is played as guests begin leaving their seats after the ceremony.

If you are considering a non-traditional piece for your ceremony, plan your music according to these five musical sections. While in a particular house of worship, there may be strict guidelines as to the type of music that can be played. For this reason, you will want to discuss and review your wedding music before the ceremony to avoid any conflicts.

After the ceremony, it is off to the reception for the celebration. Just as musical selections have their place in the ceremony, the reception music can pose challenges as well. Consider the following when choosing music for your reception.

First Dance

Although a particular song is your favorite, do the lyrics convey a feeling of everlasting love, or do they lament a tale of woe and sorrow? While it is important to choose a song that is meaningful to both bride and groom, you will want the song to have a considerable measure of appropriateness.

Dance Music

Although most can appreciate or tolerate popular music in a festive atmosphere, this may not be what grandma had in mind over an extended period of time. Likewise, teens and young adults may not be impressed by the big band music of the early 20th century. Simply put, reception dance music should afford all in attendance an opportunity to “cut a rug” on the dance floor, if they so desire. If hiring a music professional, defer to their wisdom and experience when planning music for crowds of a mixed age group.

Hired Entertainment

You will want to make certain that your musical entertainer(s) understand that this is your wedding day and not an opportunity to showcase an avant-garde mix tape or musical style. This is not to diminish the talent necessary to become successful in this occupation; however, you should allow for creativity within reason. Work with your entertainment to create a play list that strikes a balance between being appropriate for the occasion and a means to highlight their talent.

Final Notes

Understand that your wedding music provides the queues that pace the order of events throughout the day. Whether deciding on music for the ceremony, the reception, or background music during meals, take the time to select music that not only reflects the feelings and personality of the bride and groom, but also sets the mood for the atmosphere you are trying to create.

Lastly, remember that apart from the bride’s attire and food, wedding music will make a lasting impression on guests. Because of this importance, we would not want your wedding day to end on a sour note. Let us help you create the perfect soundtrack to your love story.

Wedding music is our specialty, and we would be delighted to be your Wedding Music Planner. Feel free to contact us here at a time of your choosing.

Best wishes on your special day!

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