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One of the aspects a couple should pay attention to in planning a wedding is finding the right music for the occasion. Music is a powerful that can evoke past memories and experiences in people. Its characteristics including being pleasant to the ears, having rhythm to appeal to the body, melody for the mind and harmony for the soul make it important for time to be taken to select the right music for your wedding day. The right selections will add life and colour to your wedding day providing a memorable experience and great atmosphere, the selection of unsuitable music will be a detraction from the celebration of your wedding celebration. Here are some things to help you select the right music for your wedding celebration.

When looking for finding the right music for your wedding day it is important that you look at the words (lyrics) of the songs. It is important that the words have significance and meaning, do they reflect the personality of you and your partner as a couple? Do the words portray you feelings of undying love and affection? Words have the power to shape and affect who we are and the atmosphere of the environment we live in, make sure that the song lyrics speak of love, commitment, faithfulness, friendship or other similar themes. It is normally not wise to pick a song based on just liking the tune or how it sounds, some of the best sounding songs have lyrics that totally contradict the ideals and values that are upheld in marriage.

If you desire your wedding to be unique it might be worth looking for songs that are not usually used at weddings. Music has the tendency to remind us of past experiences where we have heard the song played before, the use of frequently used songs at weddings could evoke memories of other people’s weddings in yourself and your guests. It would be prudent to think of other family events, including family funerals, where music has been used. Most people would not want to select a song for their bridal dance that has been recently used as a song at a loved ones funeral.

Another good resource to use when looking for the perfect wedding music is your wedding coordinator, musical director, choir director, band, disc-jockey or vocalists. These are all seasoned professionals with a wealth of knowledge from past wedding ceremonies, receptions, engagement parties and other private functions. This group of people desire to see you have the wedding day you always dreamt of and are always more than willing to help you by giving suggestions on songs, floor plan designs, additional wedding parts and other ideas to make your day unique.

In todays electronic world there are also many services and advice available on the internet. Look at various web sites that give ideas into possible wedding music, different band and performer ideas and options as well as tips on what to look out for to prevent you not getting the service you deserve and desire.

The use of live performers at your wedding ceremony can add a touch of elegance and style to your wedding day. It is an option to ask a friend who is a good singer to participate in your wedding day by singing, if you do not know someone then there is the option of hiring a professional vocalist to come and sing for your day. Both of these options do have merits and also draw backs. In asking a friend you do get to save some money and they can participate in your day, just make sure that they are capable of delivering exactly what you desire at a standard that you are satisfied with. If there is any doubt it would be better to pay for a professional singer, be aware that most professional singers also need an accompanist, usually piano, this accompanist also will need to be paid.

There is also the option of being able to use instrumental music at your wedding ceremony. The use of instrumental music can provide a sense of intimacy and romance to your wedding ceremony. Common instrumentations used include string ensembles, woodwind ensembles, solo instrumentalists (with piano accompaniment) including harp, oboe, violin, flute, trumpet and organ. An advantage to using instrumental music is that a lot of secular songs can be arranged for performance instrumentally, this overcomes restrictions in some traditional churches put on the use of secular music.

The commissioning of a composer to write music exclusively for your wedding day is another option for making your wedding ceremony or wedding reception unique and very memorable. The composer could either be paid to also perform these songs or your could request for the music to be sent to you for the hired musicians to learn. Some songs that might work well as original compositions could include the processional hymn, exchange of vows and the recessional hymn at your ceremony or the first dance as husband and wife at your wedding reception. An advantage to having music composed is that if recorded in audio format it could be used as the music for your wedding video or even copied and given to the guests at your reception as a thank you gift to remember the wedding day by.

When looking for the right music for your wedding it is important to remember that every wedding is unique due to every couple being unique. Your wedding day should always be a reflection of the love between you and your partner. Take the time to think and plan what your vision is for your wedding day, set a reasonable budget that you are willing to spend, then select the style of music and how it is you want it to be performed.

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