Delegation – The Key to Planning a Wedding with Little Stress

If you are in the process of planning a wedding at the moment then you will know only too well how much hard work and effort it is to plan everything. But how do you make sure that planning your wedding is an enjoyable experience rather than a frustrating and stress filled one? Well that’s where this article comes in. We are going to help you find a way to plan your wedding without any stress or upheaval at all. How are we going to do this? By teaching you the art of delegation! Read on and find out how you can get your wedding planned in no time by sharing the workload!

How long have you got until your big wedding day? Have you got a couple of years or do you have a couple of months? Many people take years to plan their wedding while others only get everything together in the final few months. How can this all be done in time? How can you make sure that your wedding goes without a hitch while still keeping calm about the planning? With the art of delegation! Delegating jobs means that you don’t have to focus on everything at once but can still get everything done on time. Lets talk about who you can get to help you organize the whole of your wedding with you.

You should enlist the help of your groom. Although some may not be that interested in the color of the napkins or the canapés, they can certainly help to get the grooms and ushers outfits ready, get the rings collected and even get the presents for the bridesmaids and ushers. If you have a particularly stubborn groom or one that is petrified of getting something wrong then simply give then VERY clear instructions and you can’t go far wrong. After all it is their wedding day too so they should be expected to pull their weight equally. Don’t feel bad about laying some errands on your groom and remember that he will also have a best man at his disposal too to help him out.

You should also ask your bridesmaids and maid of honor for help too. They will be more than willing to help you with any decisions you have to make, picking up things from the store and especially helping you choose your wedding dress! This can be a big girly event where you all spend the day sipping champagne and trying on dresses. You could get their dresses while you are there too and make the trip more productive as well as a bit of fun. Don’t forget that the maid of honor is in charge of your hen party so that is one thing that you can tick off your list straight away. Ask each bridesmaid what their talents are and then use it to the bets of their ability, you can even have one of them making flower arrangements while the other makes handmade invitations!

Finally use the help of anyone else that offers. If you have a cake maker in the family, ask for their help. If you know someone with transport for the big day, ask them. If you know someone who can get you discount on your wedding stationary, ASK THEM! It will not only save you money but it will help you to delegate clearly and you will be able to tick yet another thing off your list. Plan your wedding more easily and more efficiently by using all your friends and relatives to help you. Don’t forget, delegation is the key!

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