How To Accessorize Your Wedding Dress

Once you have chosen your perfect wedding dress, it can be a big relief and a huge tick off of your to do list. But what about your accessories? Have you decided what shoes you are going to wear? Whether you are going to go for a tiara or veil? What about a little clutch bag? Before you know it, the accessories take more of your budget than the actual dress! In this article we are going to talk about all the different accessories you need for your big day so that you can be prepared and organized. Read on and see what you need for your wedding day to complete your look.

Have you already bought your wedding dress? Do you have it hanging in your closet just begging to be worn? Maybe you look at it every now and again just to make sure its OK? Maybe you don’t even have it at home and it is sitting pride of place at the store so that you don’t damage it? Well as exciting as picking out and buying your wedding dress is, it’s just the beginning. The dress is just one of the many parts of your outfit for your big day that you are going to need and to coordinate with each other. We are talking about shoes, veils, tiaras and even clutch bags! So where do you start and how do you make sure that you are buying the right ones? Well thats where guides like this come in!

Lets start at the bottom and work our way up. You will need a pair of shoes that will match beautifully with your dress. Its always a good idea to put the shoes up against your dress to make sure they are the same color and shade (especially if they are white). Think about the detail that are on the shoes and the height of the heel too. Remember that you are going to be standing up for a long time so you don’t want a high heel if you aren’t used to them. You should also think about the height of your partner and make sure that you don’t tower over them in all the photos with your 6 inch killer heels! Pick shoes that are pretty yet comfortable and make sure you break them in before your big day so that they don’t pinch.

You then go on to the jewelry. It is up to your personal preference as to whether you want to wear bracelets, rings and necklaces but they do compliment your look and will make you look really classy. If you are wearing jewelry try to tie it in with the theme or the color of your wedding band. If you have a gold wedding band then all silver jewelry may not be such a great idea.The same principle goes for tiaras (if you wish to wear one). They should tie in with the color of your jewelry and shouldn’t clash or be too detailed so that it takes the attention away from your face. A veil is traditional but it can get in the way so unless you have been dreaming of your groom lifting up your veil then a tiara is a better option.

One more thing that you should remember is your wedding lingerie. This is one thing that so many brides forget until the morning of their wedding and they realize that they have to wear their usual underwear. Make a special trip out to find some attractive underwear and make sure you try it on (as best you can) otherwise it may pinch or be ill fitting and ruin the whole look. Accessories are so important so make sure that you put just as much effort into your accessories as you do you dress so that your look is complete on your big day.

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