Things to Remember When Planning a Wedding

When you first get engaged and everyone is asking you when the big day is going to be, it can seem like an eternity away. Many people stay engaged for 2 years before they actually get married and although this sounds like a long time, when you think about all the organizing and planning that you have to do in that time, you’ll soon think again! The venues alone are usually booked up several years in advance meaning that you have to start planning well in advance!

If you are trying to organize your wedding then you are no doubt feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the whole thing. There is so much to do but where do you start? Do you go for a wedding planner who will be able to take care of everything for you or do you go for the method of delegating to everyone else so that you can focus on the important things like your wedding dress? It is up to you how you decide to manage your organization skills but there is one thing for certain and that is that you have some hard work ahead of you. So where do you start? The first thing to do is to find the right venue.

Your venue is really important and is the base for the whole wedding. Whether you are having a ceremony and reception in your venue or just having a get together  after the actual wedding, you should still pick the right venue for you. In order to do this you should write a list of requirements you have for your venue. Think about location, capacity and facilities thatyou and your guests are going to need. Then email each venue with your list of requirements and if they can accommodate you then you can book to have a visit. At the visit you should take a look at the landscape and where you could have your photos as these will be the lasting reminders that will stay with you for life.

When you have covered the venue then you can move onto all the other aspects of your wedding. Your wedding dress will probably be high on your priority list and you could buy your perfect dress up to a year before your wedding. You will need to have alterations, pick out accessories and perfect your look for your big day and this can take quite some time so if you can, start looking for your dress well in advance. You should then start to look for caterers and florists within 6 months of the wedding and this should give you enough time to get everything organized without rushing. A big wedding will take up to 2 years to organize so it’s really important that you start early.

bouquet of flowersWhen it gets closer to the time you can start to plan and organize the other parts of your wedding such as the bridesmaid’s outfits, the grooms and best mans outfits, the rings, the favors and the table decorations. All of this will take time and you should think about delegating some of this work to your groom and your maid of honor so that you can take the time to enjoy the planning process and really make the most of the time that you have in the build up to your wedding. Good luck in finding the right venue and planning your perfect big day.

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